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We are a live bee removal service for Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Edgewood, Tijeras, Rio Rancho, and other surrounding areas.

NM Bee Removal is the leading experts in our field when it comes to customer service. We are professional and insured. Our service comes with a post-extraction spray from a licensed eco-friendly pest control professional, using only organic compounds, to ensure no post-extraction activity as well as flush away any parasite insects drawn to the hive. We also extract yellow jackets, wasps, and bumblebees, and our service includes a full year guarantee. We service commercial properties as well. Don’t put your home or comfort in the hands of amateurs. Trust the professionals!


We offer free swarm removals, and free removal estimates from other structures all across New Mexico

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If you believe you have a swarm of bees please call immediately. A swarm is a cluster of bees usually hanging on a branch or other object. These clusters will move on, but that new location may be in your walls. Please call quickly for free pickup.
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