A little about each of our removal expert.

Scott Jeter is a beekeeper who keeps hives in the Albuquerque area. Scott has been keeping bees on and off since 1987. In 2015, this will be his fourth season of doing bee removals. Being a beekeeper, he understands how bees act inside the hive, and the best ways to remove the bees with the least amount of losses. All hives that are removed, and all the swarms that are caught, are taken to a new location where the hive will be able to thrive.

Sometimes in the Spring and early Summer, there is an abundance of rescued bee colonies. These colonies are sometimes available to other beekeepers in the area that are looking to add more hives to their yards. If you are interested in getting any bee colonies please contact us so we can get you on the list, and call you as soon as we have available bees. If you are new to beekeeping and don’t have the equipment, we often have extra equipment that we can provide to house the bees.

NM Bee Removals offers bee removals in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Having bees removed is an excellent alternative to extermination, and we appreciate any opportunity we get to save the honey bees! All of our removals and swarms are re-hived and placed at locations where they will be well taken care of and not bother anyone. If you are still considering exterminating the bees please give us a call first and we can put you in touch with an exterminator that will do the extermination ethically. This will help protect other hives within a two miles radius of your location. It is highly likely that there are backyard beekeepers with hives within that radius.

Urban beekeeping is very popular in many cities across New Mexico. There are always beekeepers in these cities that are looking to add bees to their hives. If for any reason we cannot make it to your location we are well connected in the beekeeping community and we can put you in touch with someone who will be able to come and assist you in rescuing the bees. Please consider saving bees whenever it is a possibility. As many people are well aware of these days we have been losing bee populations all across the country. This is attributed to many different reasons, but we know that there is one great way to slow this loss; calling a beekeeper to remove the bees! So if you live in New Mexico (or any other state as we may be able to get you in contact with a beekeeper in your area) please call us and we will get the bees from their unwanted location to somewhere where they will live happily. And once again, please call us before exterminating bees. There are plenty of other options which can help save the honey bee!